Edith Wiens


One of the most beautiful soprano voices of our day.
Berliner Morgenpost

Edith Wiens, in the soprano arias, was lovely; Aus Liebe with its transparent accompaniment seemed to float in space as the words spoke of the unburdened soul.
The New York Times

A marvelous recital that radiates pure light. She offers poetic intelligence, varied emotion, an ideal sense of musical line and perfect diction that are perfect for Schumann.
Le Journal de Génève

The Zemlinsky and Berg were sung by Edith Wiens: she has a warm, mature soprano, capable of a becoming range of colors. Her attacks in the Berg song were astonishingly precise and exquisite; in the Zemlinsky she found just the right late-Romantic attitude.
Opera News

Edith Wiens was a radiant soloist, who communicated strong feeling without compromising the purity of her tone.
The Gazette

An enchanting diva, her voice a rendez-vois with the goddess of grace; her interpretation a stroll with charm and joy; her appearance an allegory on the beauty of romantic music. In Edith Wiens the music smiles.
Kölner Rundschau

Masur was much helped in Solveig's Song by the silvery purity of Edith Wiens' soprano.
The Times London

Masur roots the emotional centre of the score in the figure of Solveig...sung exquisitely by Edith Wiens.
The Guardian London

For an exquisite, refreshing change of pace I highly recommend Ms. Wiens.
American Record Guide

A real triumph: Wiens' bright phrasing and gleaming high soft notes added greatly to the proceedings.
Sun-Sentinel Miami

Wiens gives a shatteringly beautiful performance...Her tone was sumptuous and warm and fully supported through the whole range...Everything was right: her clear diction, her innate sense of a long line and her perfect emotional reflection of the words. It was just shatteringly beautiful singing, straight from the heart.
The Vancouver Sun

Edith Wiens pulled all stops, from tender lyricism to dramatic soaring lines, and received justified, warm-hearted applause.
Frankfurter Allgemeine

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